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Starfish Project

Strength Bar Necklace by Starfish Project

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Fulfilled by our friends at Starfish Project

Strength, Kindness, Love, Patience

Our Strength Bar Necklace was inspired by you! When asked what attributes describe motherhood you answered Strength, Kindness, Love, and Patience. We agreed so much we created this 14k gold plated bar necklace to celebrate strong female role models -moms, aunts, grandmas, teachers and beyond. Wear and gift this incredible impact with our sleek, timeless 14k gold plated bar necklace engraved with Strength, Kindness, Love, and Patience. Your purchase of the Strength Necklace supports women, moms and families of Starfish Project. Thank you for restoring hope. Your purchases transform lives for generations.

Box size and color may vary. 

Materials: 14k gold plated stainless steel necklace
Hypoallergenic; lead and cadmium free with nickel content less than 100 ppm.
Size: 16-18 inches

Suggested MSRP: $47.99